Saturday, May 21, 2016

how to make money from PTCircle

Hi make friends wherever you are.
On this occasion, I invite and provide solutions to the onliners who like to make money in cyberspace. Here I provide an sy way to make money from the internet.
One of the most sy and does not require much time, just 15 minutes in a day, you can get $ 1.
The way it works is very sy, you just work by clicking on the ad and you are paid.
In one day, you can make money by $ 1. If we have accumulated in the first month, then you can get the money for $ 30. By spending 15 minutes in 1 day.
To Windraw or payout, can be done if the minimum balance $ 6. So every one of you could PO Sunday.

important :
Free PO to PO First To Paypal.To Request payout (PO) can use paypal and Bitcoin address.PO Schedule Date 1, 11 and 21In one day in the limit 15 times Click.PO First, a minimum of 350 Click, about 24 DaysPO Furthermore, a minimum of 100 times Click.PO Could All Live Bitcoin Adreess Account Log Settings and Enter Bitcoin AddressWhat Not Have Bitcoin Adress How to make it the google srch onlyCHOOSE BRAND HIGH pay.Do not click ads that picture Skull!Immediately To do:
1. You enter in PTCircle and Up
2. You Click Register

3. Fill the form to complete, and To Email Paypal, If not Have, Plse Crte or fill in any email first. If Interlocking PO with Bitcoin address, Plse Register here Bitcoin Addres

4. After register, check email and Confirmation

5. After that we login, sign in PTCircle and click Login

6. After logging in, Log in View advetisements

7. Then click ads are available, Suggestions I, look for ads that pay high and usually the time more and more. The examples below.

CHOOSE BRAND HIGH pay (usually 1 minute loading time).Do Clicking Ads skull, Because your balance will Truned.

8. After Click Advertising rlier, it apprs the Red Point, then click.

9. Then comes the New Tab, and Wait Until Time Out.
Do not Move Cursor, Because calculated unfocused and didak time will run.
10. Once the timer goes up, then will appr . Click the same figure!

11. Make It Such as much as 15 times in one day, then your balance will continue to grow.

12. If you have enough $ 6, You can Request Payout.
13. If You Want PO to BTC.

that's all I can write an article about how to make money from PTCirle, may be useful.


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