Saturday, May 21, 2016

Point blank 21 November 2014 D3d Menu

Hi friends game, I'll update again today the latest pointblank, and this time I will update two for pointblank no auto on no D3D, to download you can download below.

Download : auto on || D3D Menu

Ftures :Ftures can be seen while playing

Tutorial use :Extract HIS FIRSTOpen Her (The Right Click Run As Admin ... Vista / 7/8)Wait apprs her,Wait 5 Seconds Click Skip Ad / Skip (If no Notice press Yes) its new ACTIVEStart GameEnjoy !!!Note :
If lack of a file or less herbs - click here to pageIf you are banned ID is not our responsibility. Use it wiselyTest or else use char Newbie do not work in force !!If you are banned PC Gunak the trick or toolDo not forget to follow and likeHelp Sprd this blog anywhere because I need your help

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