Saturday, May 21, 2016

Got a Dollar Guide Only Capital Android phone

well now I will share info android phone how we can make money, which will be sent to your Paypal / stm wallet / Amazon giftcard. so, who do not have to buy android phone first: D middling 1-2 dollars per day for that has android and can add money pocket pal. Curious?

The trick?
1. Download the appliion whiff: Here
2. Finish the download login via FB and enter bonus AE43354 can let the dollar first.
3. Work on the task in the task premium picks and picks whiff (download the app, watch s, etc.)
4. It's been so
5. rning friend can be disbursed via paypal / stm wallet or other payment that supported whiff after collected 10 dollars and admin have proved pay

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