Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lost Saga December 05, 2014

Download : Lost Saga December 05, 2014

Which is usually once a its loading LS is now 2 times loading!

Fture :
Anti Banned ID Lost Saga / Char 100%No Rl Delay = Auto OnFollow the instructions below and be sure not to afk in game / silence ... after finished the game can check or Directly find another room. next. guaranteed 24-hour non-stop will not dc / disconnect the server .. afk effects typically for 5-15 minutes ahd after afk be disconnected server ... Additional Note:
(LS MAIN SCREEN WHEN REQUIRED fullscreen / DO ALL TIMES OR minimized Minimize / ALT TAB / MODE) + do not open any other appliions besides playing LS and her <<< RD IMPORTANT !!
This Setting screenClick optionBasic MenuAt The Display section select the "full screen"And So do not have to play the minimize / mode when the is running, otherwise will result in disconnected server!tutorial:
Open Lost Saga Wait Loading completedClick "Skip ad / Bypass" -> OnGo to Lost SagaStar Lost Saga

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