Saturday, May 21, 2016

NeverWinter – Zen VIP v2.7

Neverwinteris an upcoming free-to-play MMO from the combined tm ofCryptic Studios,Wizards of the Coast,Hasbro, andPerfect World. It will put players into the hrt of Neverwinter, one of the most infamous cities inDungeons & Dragonslore. But in the deep, dark places in and under the city, evil forces are seeking ways to keep Neverwinter from that goal, by any and all mns possible. Players will need to once again answer the call for heroes to help save the city!1. Download the NeverWinter – Zen VIP
2. Unrar the NeverWinter – Zen VIP
3. Run .exe file
4. Type your user name – press Srch login and wait when your login has been found in the server database
5. Select your server name – press Srch IP and wait when actual IP has been found
6. Select how much you want to add to your account – press Save
7. Press START and wait as long as the program does not connect to the database and recharged your account
8. Go to your account game and enjoy the !

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