Saturday, May 21, 2016

Jungle Ht

Jungle Ht – a game about fierce battles, military bases and wild jungles.Tropical jungle, bursting with oil and gold, languishes under the cruel oppression of eral Blood. Your mission is to take the natural riches from the blood-thirsty marauders for yourself!The trsures of the jungle will be safe and secure in your storage facilities. So onwards! Reinforce your walls, train your troops and go forth to battle!In Jungle Ht you can develop your military base into an impenetrable fortress, fight against other players, do away with their bases and grab the trsure!

Instructions to use the :
Download from the download button below.Extract to desktop.Choose what platform you are using.Press Connect and wait for the progress bar to fill up.Enter the amount of Gold, Oil or Diamonds you need.Press erate and wait for the progress bar to fill up.Enjoy

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