Saturday, May 21, 2016

Free Download DVB Drm 2.2 Full

DVB Drm was designed as an aid for the Digital Broadcasting Project. It helps owners of digital cards enhance their DVB viewing experience through its power, speed and unique ftures.
The installation process of DVB Drm is smooth and quite speedy. You might find the pre-configuration process a little difficult, due to the fact that it requires some DVB knowledge. The most important aspect is to properly configure the Digital Satellite Equipment Control settings and the adjacents satellite preferences.HD and H264 support (some cs only)Uncommitted switches supportPositioner support (including GotoX.X / USALS, more below)Snapshot fture (more below)Custom board shortcuts (only workaround for now, more below)Global board shortcuts (only workaround for now, more below)Remote control support (more below)FFDShow support, it mns more ftures...PIP support, including independent ffdshow options & remoteboard shortcuts.Logoawayto hide ugly/moving logos/iconsPicture propertiesto change contrast, brightness, gamma...Bitmap overlayto add sDVB Drm 2.1 Full rapidgator I 8,9 Mb
Link Download :

DVB Drm 2.2 Full+
DVB Drm 2.2 Portable Full+Full+

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