Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fifa 14 v 3.1

FIFA 14 will play the way grt football matches are contested with build up through midfield, tension throughout the match as chances are crted, and incredible finishing,” said David Rutter, Executive Producer for FIFA 14. “Opportunities in FIFA 14 will be rewarding and grt goals will look stunning.
Finishing has been transformed with Pure Shot so players have the lice to adjust their stride and approach angle to find the best position for hitting the back of the net. Well-hit balls feel more exhilarating and rewarding. New shot types include pure strikes, as well as off-balance and rushed shots. Plus, Rl Ball Physics now determines the trajectories of balls, enabling players to kick the ball with force from distance, drill low rising shots with accuracy, and blast dipping or turbulent shots, just like rl footballers.FIFA 14 will deliver engaging online**ftures and live services that connect fans to the hrtbt of the sport and to ch other through Football Club, making FIFA 14 football’s social network, where fans connect, compete and share with millions of others around the world.
• Changes to the wildly popular FIFA Ultimate Tm
• A new online Mode that will encourage social competition
• Multiple new ftures and benefits to Football Club, the live service that is the hrtbt of FIFA
• Complete authenticity with more than 500 officially d club

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