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PuTTY is an open source program that you can use to perform network protocol SSH, Telnet and Rlogin. This protocol can be used to run a remote session on a computer through a network, whether LAN, or the Internet. The program is widely used by computer users to upper secondary level, which is usually used to connect, simulate, or try various things related to the network. This program can also be used as a tunnel in a network

Software usability PUTTY :

PuTTY is a free remote console / terminal that is used for the connection of a computer remotely using ssh port or so.
Some questions you might ask?
Here's the question:

1. whether the continuation of SSH?
Representative of SSH is the Secure Shell2. What is SSH?
SSH is a network protocol that enables the exchange of data via a secure channel between two networked devices3. Are there other uses PuTTY? Explain!
There are several other uses PuTTY is to be attached to a computer remotely using SSH port and so on4. What is the rlogin?
Rlogin is a system that allows us to get in from system 1 to system 2 with without asking for the root again 5. What is the definition of a simple and sy to understand from the PuTTY?
PuTTY is a free remote console or terminal used to remotely commuters to be attached using SSH port and so on 6. What is the length of TCP?
Transmission Control Protocol 7. Does PuTTY directly available or need to be downloaded in advance? What is its name?
- PUTTY need to be downloaded. Sites that we find to download it is
8. Appliions of what can be done using PUTTY?
Appliions that can be done by using PuTTY is an SSH, telnet, rlogin, and raw TCP computing protocols and as a console client 9. What are the benefits we derive from the program PuTTY?
Benefits y aitu we can receive data from another computer 10. PuTTY is an appliion that can act as a client for anything?
PuTTY is an appliion that acts as a client to receive data, send data, and for the connection of a computer remotely using SSH port and so on 11. Why PuTTY SSH client to act sebgai?
PuTTY acts as a client for the SSH as PuTTY is an appliion that acts as a client 12. When will the program PuTTY found?
The program PuTTY is found in bull October 2000 13. Who makes PuTTY?
Which makes PuTTY is Simon Tatham 14. When was the PuTTY appliion is used and what does it do for its users?
Appliion PUTTY used when you want to transfer a data from one computer to another computer and functionality for users to receive data.15. Does PuTTY appliion can be done without the Internet?
Yes. could 16. Appliion PuTTY can be used in XP than X, what PuTTY can use to carry out the program?
7 and Vista
Download putty : Click Here

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