Saturday, May 21, 2016

Download Garuda OS Official Indonesia

Garuda OS, the operating system free download Well Made in Indonesia, Indonesia should be proud of, this is the Operating System made in Indonesia, for you feel Indonesian children, should try this Garuda OS, OS Garuda is very modern, sy to use like the , using the Linux Kernel stable, and is open source.
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Garuda OS is a Linux-based operating system made in Indonesia developers who support the use of document formats SNI (Indonesian National Standard), Using Linux kernel stable, safe from computer viruses, high stability, with the support of Indonesian and other world languages.

The following are some of the ftures found in Garuda OS operating system:
There is a core (kernel) of the operating system: 2. 6. 38. 7. with this fture, the os can serve a variety of program appliions to connect to a computer with a secure hardware.Desktop support: kde 4. 6. 3 Support with various types of graphics array VGA, either from the manufacturer nvidia, ati, , and so on. Supports the use of wireless (wireless) for a variety of network devices.Support with the various types of local or network printer supports many popular multimedia formats (flv, mp4, avi, mov, mpg, , wma, wav, ogg, etc.) Supports bhs Indonesia, the UK and 60 other countries support script fonts Indonesia.Supports several hundred fonts google web. Support for moving various types of programs based on , either online or off line games as well as the popular -based program (like , Draw, MS , AutoCAD, etc.) to run various programs both internet web browser, messenger appliion and others such as Mozilla Firefox, Chromium, Opera, Mozilla Thunderbird, Skype, chat program Chat / IRC, Gyachi, Pidgin Internet messenger or Miro Internet . Specifiions for loading the operating system Garuda:
Processor: Pentium IV or Amd classMemory: Minimum 512 Mb
recommendation 1 Gb Hard drive: minimum 8 Gb VGA: Nvidia, Ati, , Sis, Matrox, VIASoundcard: Sound Blaster, AC97 Card, Or HDA Size: 3.62 Gb
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