Saturday, May 21, 2016

Download Anti-Virus 2015 Full Version &

Antivirus is antivirus latest 2015 from that it is famous for its excellent protection against our PC. One of the advantages of it is able to trt a virus-infected file if it can still be saved. So this will direct idak removes all files that are infected by a virus, but it will try to recover first, if the file is alrdy infected with a virus with very severe then this will delete those files. Antivirus 2015 alrdy can be integrated with 's latest system i.e. 8.1. So for those of you who use 8.1 can alrdy install antivirus 2015 this. In this latest version of myriad new ftures added which makes your PC more protected perfectly. So no need to wait too long anymore, you immediately download and install the antivirus full version 2015 is now also.

What’s New in Internet Antivirus 2015:
Improved:Safe Money and Parental ControlNew: Trusted Appliions Mode, Anti-Blocker and ZETA ShieldImproved: 8 Optimization, GUI Speed and Resource consumptionImproved:Refreshed GUI, Settings and Reports, Installation and , Scan FtureRl-time protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, and more.How to install Antivirus 2015
Download and extract the files to this antivirus.After that install the appliion as usual.And then run the appliion, when prompted to enter the select trial . (requires internet connection)You will get 91 days during the trial. 2, during the period of this trial we can still update the antivirus database and full protection for our computers.After the trial period of stay 5 days or a couple of days will be expired. You the way trial resetnya. If you don't have plse download used to be under theDownload Trial Reset Antivirus 2015There will be no 2 file namely "KAVKIS_2015_MOD" and "DELtrial_15" rar file. Run the KAVKIS_2015_MOD file first.After that, extract the file DELtrial_15 and killed you run the file residing in a folder that extracts the results. is now complete, you'll be a 30 day trial period anymore. Do the same thing if it was nring time expired trialny

Link Download :

Download Antivirus 2015

DownloadReset Antivirus 2015

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