Saturday, May 21, 2016

Despicable Me: Minion Rush Tool

Today we are rlly plsed to discuss with everyone about the the brand new Despicable Me Minion Rush that has just been discovered and tested to you free tokens and bananas in the app.If you have been playing this app long you have noticed the constant need for bananas and tokens to progress further in the game. Whether it is that you want to get one of the many power ups like the golden banana or just get a new minion costume you will notice that all of these things will cost you tokens or bananas. This is why we are so excited to bring you a minion rush tokens , that’s right you don’t have to pay rl cash anymore for tokens in the app, simply select the amount of tokens you wish to to your Despicable Me Minion Rush account and they will be instantly added. We haven’t stopped there, you will also notice a setting that will enable you to unlimited free bananas for minion rush to help you out with all those hard to bt levels. Plse note and tell all your family and friends to stop srching for how to the minion rush app, we have all the answers to your questions to this unique runner style game.You don’t have to root your device or have particular complied sources to finish the additions to your account.

Despicable Me Minion Rush Ftures:Add Unlimited Banana
Add Unlimited TokensUndetectable (100% Guaranteed)

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