Saturday, May 21, 2016

Crossfire December 05, 2014 Full

Download : Crossfire

Fture Crossfire
Wallauto Hshootauto AimbotTelekil / AmbuletSet bot hd bodyESP hltESP NameESP BoneChams1 HitFast PisoLong PisoPiso 360 * 1 Hit Zombie ModeBug under map modeUnlimited ammo (Auto Refil Via Bag)
INSERT = On / OFF On = Direction Right arrow (->)Off = Direction Left arrow (<-)
Open firstactiv then the press the button below injectFollow the prompts .. pass or linkbucks / wait 30 seconds (according to the instructions rd)Having written a new activ open launcher crossfireStar Crossfire

Rd it!
- 7: Use the Right Click - Run As administrator when opening files and Crossfire free!

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