Saturday, May 21, 2016

Candy Crush Saga Tool v 3.1.1

Candy Crush Saga Toolv2.5.4 is a very useful tool to the ones that want to advance fast by adding Moves, Lives and Score to their account. This is aCandy Crush Saga Toolmade in2013and it'sfreetodownload. Getunlimited Lives,unlimited Movesandunlimited Scorewith Candy Crush Saga Tool v2.5.4.
Instructions on how to use the program:1. Download the program from the link bellow2. Open your browser, go toCandy Crush Sagaon Facebook and let the game running.3. Open theCandy Crush Saga Tool v2.5.4.4. Select the desired amounts ofMoves, Lives, Bomb and Scorethen click the "Start" button.5. Wait for a few seconds and watch the items appr in your account.6. Done ! Enjoy the game !

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