Saturday, May 21, 2016

Aion Engine Tool

InAion: Ascension™, you are a winged Elyos or Asmodian, sworn enemy races, exploring a world of brthtaking buty ripped asunder by a celestial war. In this stunning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, abundant solo adventures, intriguing epic group quests, challenging dungeons, and massive Legion raids hone your battle skills to new heights. Take the fight against the dragonlike Balaur invaders into Balaur, your common enemy's homeland, to save the shattered world you love.

The values
If you take all of your equiptment off and have no buffs.
The value of speed when you just standing/sitting=268435520
The value of speed when you just flying =256371009

Dont be stupid and use this in public, if you do use hide(assasin invisable skill)

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